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Marine Services

Here at Diesequip we are on standby 24/7 to be called out to repair/service/maintain your engine/s both offshore and onshore.

ship 3.jpg

Here we sent 2 engineers out to a vessel on Chatham dock, working on a Mirrlees Blackstone, which was fully stripped down ready for a crank replacement.

ship 4.jpg

One of our teams carried out planned maintenance on her MAK main engine. Working alongside MAK on this project in dry-dock on the Clyde.

ship 10.jpg

We subcontracted two engineers to the Stena don for a 12000 hour service on a Birgen K series. It was situated just off the coast of the Orkney Islands, and the task was completed in 10 days.

ship 7.jpg

Emergency callout to a stranded Vessel. Flew to malta with replacement Napier turbocharger spares for the Wartsila main engine. We Worked day and night to remove, strip, clean and rebuild the turbocharger, to finally see the main engine fired up and the Vessel continuing on its voyage.

Marine: Our Services
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